Dominique Cohen

Vice President of Resident Services

Dominique Cohen joined Eden Housing in April 2024 as Vice President of Resident Services. Reporting to the Senior Vice President of Property Operations, Dominique oversees the operations of Eden Housing Inc.’s affiliate, Eden Housing Resident Services, Inc. (EHRI). and works closely with our property operations affiliate, Eden Housing Management Inc. (EHMI).

Her background is a testament to her dedication to enhancing the lives of families, seniors and vulnerable populations. Throughout her career, she has overseen resident teams, managed large budgets and spearheaded the development of several transformative programs. Her 25 years of experience in case management, partnership development, contract negotiations and team building all contribute to a comprehensive and varied skillset that will serve as a valuable asset to Eden Housing.

Dominique has a history of crafting innovative solutions to complex affordable housing problems. In her former role as Senior Director of Supportive Housing at MidPen Housing, she led a dedicated team of case managers focused on serving individuals grappling with homelessness and acute medical and mental health challenges. Her visionary leadership underscores a steadfast dedication to effecting positive change in the lives of those facing adversity.

She has a track record of securing substantial funding through grant writing efforts, resulting in awards in the millions. Through program evaluation, goal development and success measurement tracking efforts, she takes a strategic approach to ensuring the effectiveness of the initiatives she’s implementing and overseeing.

Dominique has contributed to research on aging populations conducted by the Stanford Prevention Research Center, demonstrating her engagement in broader initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of various demographic groups.

Dominique received her Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology from San Jose State University, and her Masters in Counseling from National University.