Equity Statement

Since our founding in 1968, Eden Housing has been committed to building and preserving a home for everyone in need. We have a responsibility to address structural racism in our communities through our work in housing. The following equity statement outlines our commitment.

We advocate to eliminate the effects of racist, exclusionary land use policy and housing discrimination. We value racially and economically diverse communities because they are essential to our collective success.
We build inclusive, high-quality, well-designed, affordable housing throughout California. We do this because everyone has a right to live in safe, thriving neighborhoods with access to quality education and employment opportunities.
We believe that access to resident services and amenities allows people to live with dignity, experience lifelong growth, and build financial security. We will apply an equity lens to our partnerships, programs, and supply chain to acknowledge that the opportunities we provide can be a pathway to economic success for people who have encountered the most significant barriers.
We celebrate our differences and strive to create change for good. We hire people who embody and champion the Eden Housing brand and mission.
We value the unique perspective that derives from richly diverse residents and employees. We pledge to engage and elevate the voices of all cultures and backgrounds to increase our efficacy and understanding.
We promise to do our part. We promise to be mindful and consistent.
We commit to scrutinize and improve our practices, policies, and programs. We will continue to increase our social awareness and ability to understand, appreciate and interact with people from different cultures and belief systems. We will deliver with integrity, champion our people, build enduring partnerships, and commit for the long haul.
We challenge our partners to join with us in the fight to end racist policies and practices in the housing industry. Together, our advocacy and concrete actions will help us change the world one corner at a time.