A Home is Just the Beginning

The Howard T. Collins Memorial Scholarship Program at Eden Housing was named in honor of a former board member, Howard T. Collins, who was known for his passion for justice and tireless work to expand opportunity and access to higher education. Each year, Eden Housing awards scholarships to residents of all ages who are pursuing advanced education opportunities.

When we invest in higher education dreams, the benefits are felt far beyond individual diplomas. Families are more stable; long-term career prospects improve; and our communities thrive. Many scholarship recipients are the first in their families to attend college.

In 2023, we marked the 31th year of the Howard T. Collins Memorial Scholarship Program. To date, we have awarded $1M to 620 residents attending UCLA, UCSD, UCD, UCR, Stanford, CSU East Bay, CSU Monterey Bay, SJSU, SSU, and SFSU, as well as many local community colleges and trade schools.


the year that the Howard T. Collins Scholarship was launched


provided in funds since the program’s start

2023 Howard T. Collins Memorial Scholarship Award Virtual Celebration

If you are interested in supporting the program, please contact Communications@edenhousing.org.