How To Apply

At Eden Housing, we believe that home is where your start is.

Finding an affordable place to call home is challenging in California. Eden Housing provides high-quality rental communities, and, through its affiliate companies, maintains them to exceptional standards and provides on-site resident support services. When you live at an Eden Housing property, you are surrounded – from day one – by people and resources that enrich your life.

Application Process

Browse properties that are currently accepting applications on the “Find a Home” page.

Eden Housing does not rent from a central location.  Each community has its own leasing office. Our properties have waiting lists which vary in length.  In order to obtain an application for housing, we request that you call each property directly.  The manager can answer questions regarding apartment availability, rent, income requirements or restrictions, and how to obtain an application for housing.  The list of properties which are accepting applications is updated on a monthly basis on our website.

If you have any questions about the application process – just ask the Property Manager! We’re here to help every step of the way.

Resident Selection Criteria

All applicants for housing will be screened according to the criteria set forth in this Resident Selection Policy. Management will hire a contractor to run a credit check and criminal background check and register sex offender report on all applicants and it will check court records for evictions or judgements against the applicant. The purpose of these checks is to obtain information on the applicant’s past history of meeting financial obligations and future ability to make timely rent payments and to determine if the applicant has a criminal history which makes him/her unacceptable to live at an Eden Housing Property. The Resident Selection Policy is established to comply with the Federal and State Laws and/or Eden Housing Management, Inc Policy.

The following information will render the application unacceptable:

Bedroom SizeMinimum PersonsMaximum Persons
1 – Bedroom13
2 – Bedroom 25
3 – Bedroom37
4 – Bedroom49

While other qualifications may apply, the above mentioned has been established to reflect a short version of the Eden Housing Management, Inc. Resident Selection Policy. Eden Housing Management Inc. may conduct additional verifications to determine the eligibility of the entire household.

Being eligible, however, is not an entitlement to housing. Every applicant must meet the Resident Selection Policy. This policy is used to demonstrate the applicant’s suitability as a resident using verified information on past behavior to document the applicant’s ability, either alone or with assistance, to comply with essential Lease provisions and any other rules governing tenancy.