Richard Ferrero

Good Neighbor Award Winner

Throughout 2020, before we all had to shut-down on early March 2020, due to COVID-19 pandemic, Richard continued to volunteer without hesitation with pantry service, special events (monthly birthday celebrations) and as a bingo caller. Richard continued to be helpful with his neighbors by providing much needed transportation to the local grocery store, pick up prescriptions, or to medical appointments. Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, Richard would make homemade soups and sandwiches for his neighbors in need, dealing heartache due a loss of a beloved family member or friend, or just because to brighten someone’s day. 

During the pandemic, Richard would check in with his neighbors via phone & email, social distance conversations at the back patio area, and/ or he would write a quick cheerful note with an up-lifting quote(s). Richard’s quick wit and sense of humor was delight to his friends, family, and his Warner Creek neighbors -especially when everyone was self-isolating during the height of the infection rate of COVID-19 throughout the United States and globally. 

In a nutshell, Richard tries to create a “rainbow” in someone’s day; and he believes in living each day with gratitude and hope.