Eric Tsai

Director of Strategic Initiatives

As Director of Strategic Initiatives, Eric champions the cause of innovation and efficiency across Eden Housing and contributes to Corner 4 of Eden’s Strategic Plan – investing in key infrastructure to increase organizational agility and readiness for scale. A significant part of his role entails enhancing efficiencies, especially through automation, streamlining processes, and optimizing data sharing. Eric also plays a significant role in refining the accuracy and efficiency of information exchange across departments, using innovative tools to simplify communication and coordination.

Joining Eden Housing in 2017, Eric has devoted 7 impactful years to our Asset Management department before becoming Director of Strategic Initiatives. Eric has spearheaded numerous portfolio-wide initiatives, consistently showcasing a keen emphasis on refining processes, improving data availability and accuracy, and enhancing efficiency. In 2023, in his pursuit of excellence, Eric established and co-led an innovation team, paving the way for newer technologies and best practices within our organization. His commitment and contributions have not gone unnoticed. We proudly acknowledge Eric as a multiple-time recipient of our prestigious Groundbreaker awards. Additionally, his exceptional efforts were recognized in 2020 when he was honored with the coveted Cornerstone award.

Eric Tsai is a member of Eden’s Extended Leadership Team (ELT).