Bryan Dove

Senior Director of Asset Management

As Senior Director of Asset Management, Bryan leads our Asset Management department in ensuring that all properties within Eden’s portfolio maintain robust financial positions. Bryan also spearheads initiatives in benchmarking, investor and lender relationships, and plays a critical role in the acquisition and refinancing aspects of our portfolio. Reporting directly to the Chief Financial Officer, Bryan actively collaborates with our senior management team, offering his departmental expertise and fostering an environment of innovation and risk aversion.

Before joining Eden in 2023, Bryan had a remarkable 10-year tenure at Mutual Housing, where he has had a comprehensive involvement in all facets of affordable asset management. Furthermore, his contributions to the realm of green and sustainable housing trends are commendable. Bryan played a significant role in the development of California’s first all-electric property. Under his leadership, Mutual Housing California experienced a transformative phase of integrating Photovoltaic System installations. Bryan’s dedication extended to monitoring PV production and emphasizing the importance of resident education. His expertise is not only limited to asset management. With a rich background in real estate development and urban planning, he is well-versed in the complexities of the industry.

Bryan’s extensive experience and proven track record in the asset management realm make him an invaluable asset to Eden Housing.