Andrea Osgood

Chief of Real Estate Development and Executive Vice President

Andrea Osgood was promoted from Senior Vice President of Real Estate Development to Chief of Real Estate Development in June 2023. Since joining Eden’s development team in 2008, Andrea has overseen the development of nearly 3,000 new homes and the acquisition of over 1,500 existing units throughout California, supervising a pipeline of $1.8 billion in assets.

Under her leadership, Eden’s real estate development team expanded the organization’s presence in San Diego and Southern California, as well as opening a new office in Sacramento. She’s currently charged with spearheading the organization’s strategic plan goal of adding 10,000 units within the next 10 years.

In addition to leading a robust pipeline of new development projects totaling over 4,000 homes, Andrea oversees Eden’s renovation efforts of its existing portfolio and assets acquired from other nonprofits. Despite a challenging funding environment, Andrea and her team have found innovative ways to reinvest in Eden’s portfolio, ensuring the preservation of affordable housing options for vulnerable communities. She now oversees a growing department across the state, affirming Eden’s commitment to building and preserving affordable housing.

Andrea has significant experience in construction management, construction litigation, and public contracting. She worked as a construction management consultant for Capital Projects of UC Berkeley where she was involved in large rehab and new construction projects – from planning and development through funding and construction. Additionally, she was the lead paralegal in the construction group at Hanson Bridgett Marcus Vlahos & Rudy, a San Francisco law firm.

Andrea is a sought-after speaker and panelist, and as Board Chair of the Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County, she has been a steadfast advocate for affordable housing solutions. She also serves as a board member and Treasurer of SV@Home, a housing advocacy organization in Santa Clara County.

Andrea Osgood earned her Bachelor of Arts (BA) with Honors from Pomona College and a Master of Arts in Urban Planning from the UCLA Graduate School of Public Policy and Social Research.

headshot of Andrea Osgood