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Statement Regarding SLD’s Appeal to the Superior Court’s Decision on Downtown Livermore

April 15, 2022

April 15, 2022
Eden Housing, Inc.
Livermore Downtown Project


On April 14, 2022, Eden Housing was notified that Save Livermore Downtown (SLD), an unincorporated association claiming to be comprised of local residents, has appealed the Alameda County Superior Court’s decision to deny their challenge to the City of Livermore’s approval of the Downtown Livermore project.

Prior history:

Statement of Mayor Bob Woerner, City of Livermore, Regarding SLD’s Appeal to the Superior Court Decision

“No surprise here. Appealing at the last possible moment is consistent with SLD’s past efforts to delay the much-needed workforce housing. The City is very confident that the Superior Court’s ruling will be upheld on appeal and is continuing to work with Eden Housing as they develop the project.”

Statement of Linda Mandolini, President & CEO, Eden Housing, Regarding Superior Court Decision on Downtown Livermore

“Eden Housing agrees with the City. The legal delay is all the more disheartening when we consider that Eden had secured the financing from the State of California to start construction on the project this week. Sadly, instead of welcoming 130 families to homes they desperately need next year, we will be wasting time and resources fighting this baseless legal action.”