Downtown Livermore Apartments

Property Description

Eden Housing’s proposed community would provide 130 new affordable homes to low-income families in Livermore. The community would consist of 1 to 3 bedroom apartment homes at the Southeast corner of the Railroad Avenue and L Street intersection.

The proposed community would provide much-needed affordable housing to the Livermore workforce. Residents of the community will be folks who earn between 20% and 60% of Alameda County’s Average Median Income. For example, this translates to salaries of $26,100 (~$12.50/hour) to $78,300 for a family of four. Estimated rents would range from $678/month to $2,036/month. Income limits and rents adjust for family size.

Leasing will be based on Priority Point Scoring for Livermore workers with the aim to house local healthcare workers, public safety personnel, school staff, hospitality employees, and employees of the downtown small businesses and restaurants.

The community will include two buildings, with three and four stories. Resident parking will be located in an underground parking structure. It will feature resident meeting space, onsite laundry facilities, management offices, onsite management and maintenance units, and a private playground for residents. In addition to these amenities, the proposed community will include a large public park (24,000 sq. ft.), with art programming and a public playground.

need for housing

There is an urgent and significant need for housing in Livermore and the region.

Endorsements and Support

Thank you to East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO), East Bay for Everyone, Greenbelt Alliance, and Bay Area Council for your support and endorsement of the proposed community.

Statements of Support

Support Eden Housing, Christine Fiori

I am a current resident with a child living in Eden Affordable Housing in Livermore. I believe at this time of need of affordable housing, Livermore (should) give those in need a chance in another community of Eden Housing within Livermore to be able to get a chance to have an affordable, safe place to live.

The staff is always kind to us. Eden Housing even gets residents a reason to (succeed) throughout Livermore (from) the school kids with resources to possible job resources.

When the pandemic came, we had someone that worked with Eden who checked on us and our wellbeing and kept giving us great ideas to keep entertained as well.

If it wasn’t for affordable housing by Eden Housing keeping us safe and sound, I’m not sure where else we would be. Please give Eden a chance.

I’m an essential worker. I’m sure that there are essential workers out there that need affordable housing that can give them a peace of mind of housing.

Please approve Eden Housing to build another wonderful community. Thank you.

Affordable Housing, Andrew Barker

In our expensive city, the current guidelines for very low-income housing include families making $50,000 to $70,000 a year.

The Eden Housing proposal for downtown is focused on such people. Let me assure you that someone making $50,000 a year is in our workforce.

In contrast, Save Downtown Livermore argues that only the rich should be allowed in our city. Their housing proposal uses a national standard for ‘workforce housing’ that is inappropriate for the extremely high costs we have locally, and the housing in their proposal would be unaffordable except to those making around $100,000 a year.

Our community character is not just about how things look on the outside. In Livermore, our character is to be welcoming to everyone, even those who are not wealthy, and to help those in need. I urge Livermore residents to preserve our character by supporting truly affordable housing.

About Eden Housing

Eden Housing is a non-profit with more than 50 years of experience in tackling affordable housing from all angles. We believe that home is where your start is. Every day, we create the housing needed to make sure all of our neighbors have a place to call home and advocate for still more, because safe and affordable housing helps families stay secure, allows communities to thrive, and solves many of our cities’ most pressing challenges.

Eden Housing Resident Services

When residents find lasting housing stability, only then can they begin to increase their quality of life and find opportunity. Housing is the foundation, but we combine it with access to numerous services that help with utility bills, facilitate access to healthcare, manage transportation, ensure food security, and much more.

Since 1995, Eden Housing has created pathways out of poverty by promoting housing stability and programming that helps residents reach their goals on a path to personal and economic empowerment. Our services are custom-designed for youth to seniors, individuals and families, those with limited English language skills, and people with special needs.

In addition to promoting housing stability, our programs include:

Howard T. Collins Memorial Scholarship Program

A home is just the beginning. Each year, Eden Housing awards our residents with monetary assistance to meet their academic and career goals. When we invest in our residents’ higher education dreams, the benefits are felt far beyond their individual diplomas. Their families are more stable, their long-term career prospects improve, and our communities thrive. Our scholarship program awards qualified residents with the monetary support they need to meet their academic and career goals.

Watch the 28th Annual Scholarship Celebration (and our first-ever virtual celebration) here.

Meet Diana: Livermore resident, future nurse, and repeat scholarship recipient