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Eden Housing Joins Advocates Seeking Regional Solution to Housing in Silicon Valley

April 2, 2021

At today’s press event organized by San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, our fearless leader Linda Mandolini spoke in support of building more housing. She was there as a member of a coalition of housing advocates urging the city to prioritize agendizing a discussion for Santa Clara City Council to allow housing and development to proceed in the area.

“These housing opportunities in North San Jose have been closed for too long – the needs of families throughout the region are far too great, for the continued delay.  We have a collective responsibility to open this up. There are a tremendous number of jobs in this area, with growing development pipelines promising more to come. But where will these jobs go to sleep at night? Everybody agrees. Jobs near housing, affordable homes near transit – this is smart policy, sustainable development, and ways of creating great places and regions that are accessible to people of all incomes and abilities.”

We are currently developing a site next to Diridon Station. Read more about the project here. We also featured the site during last year’s Affordable Housing Month in this video.