Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month

January 6, 2020

Alexandra Welch
Name:  Alexandra Welch, Starbucks Co.
Properties: The Altenheim, Miraflores, Hana Gardens, Estabrook Place

Why did you choose to volunteer with Eden Housing?

Eden Housing is such a bright community and I wanted to be a part of it. Eden has a great focus on building community and Starbucks’ mission aligns with that focus. It fills a need in the community and we are always looking for a way to help and do more.  

What have you done as a volunteer?  Please describe your role and what you have worked on.

 I have been coordinating volunteer events with and for my peers at Starbucks in partnership with the staff at Eden Housing since 2018. Starbucks volunteers contribute to seasonal parties by bringing coffee and pastries and a craft for residents. We always enjoy interacting with the residents.

What have you learned through your volunteer experience?  Have there been any surprises?

It may not be something I learned, but something that was reaffirmed was how communal coffee can be. It really is something that warms the soul and brings people together. Have there been any surprises? Always bring a decaf option.

What do you like best about volunteering with Eden Housing?

I love how detailed and thoughtful the staff at Eden are when planning these parties; not only for us, but for the residents. There is a lot of thought that goes into these events from the beginning stages of planning to the end when they try to get photos of each resident at the end of the party.

Are there any tips that you would share for someone else who is considering volunteering?

A tip I have is to always try to engage those close to you to build a team, because this cannot be done alone. My team is loving and kind, and we would not have been able to be so successful in planning these events with Eden Housing without the support from my peers at Starbucks.

Tell us something we may not know about you. Any interesting facts you’d like to share about your life?

I have been practicing Bikram (hot) yoga for the last 6 years now. I have a naturally flexible spine, so yoga has challenged me to enhance that flexibility and excel in back-bends, specifically. Also, I love to travel; especially to Europe.