Property Description

Join us for a Community Meeting on Oak Grove Apartments, Thursday, May 20 at 6:00pm.
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Oak Grove Apartments will provide will provide 55 new affordable homes to low-income families and individuals in Vacaville. The design will consist of two energy efficient buildings: one three-story building fronting on South Orchard Avenue and another three-story building fronting on W. Monte Vista Avenue. The buildings will be configured around a central open space featuring a grove of Valley Oak Trees, with a landscaped patio pedestrian entrance from West Monte Vista Avenue.

This Eden Housing community will provide 55 apartments with 24 one-bedroom, 16 two-bedroom, and 15 three-bedroom homes that will be affordable to households earning incomes ranging from $16,200 to $57,350.

On-site amenities will include: an outdoor patio and playground, a community room, and on-site management and supportive services offices.

How will oak grove apartments benefit vacaville?

Supports economic growth

Provides affordable homes for our community members

Such as local teachers, manufacturing workers, childcare providers, grocery store cashiers and baggers, hospitality workers, administrative personnel, and people who deliver packages.

addresses the current housing crisis

The City of Vacaville commissioned a citywide housing market survey in 2019 that found an overall rental housing vacancy rate of less than 1%. Oak Grove will help address this critical shortage in the supply of rental housing for our residents.

offers a solution to homelessness

The proposed community would provide 21 homes and supportive services customized for individuals experiencing homelessness, providing assistance with utility bills, access to healthcare, transportation, food security, and much more. A home with supportive services helps them develop self-sufficiency and give back to the community.

Enhances environmental quality

Locates energy efficient homes on an urban infill site, close to transit, schools, and retail, alleviating development pressure on urban sprawl.

community impacts

design and neighborhood integration

The building design provides necessary scale while incorporating quality design that incorporates natural site features, presents a welcoming interface with the community, and steps buildings back from the street.

traffic and parking

The City Traffic Engineer conducted an assessment of traffic impacts from the project and found that it will not generate a significant increase in vehicle trips.

Oak Grove Apartments will provide 66 parking spaces, which is adequate for the housing type and resident population based on a survey of similar Eden-owned apartment complexes in Vacaville.


Eden has conducted two environmental assessments on the impact of the nearby gas station on future Oak Grove residents and found that soil quality is adequate for residential development. As an additional precaution, Eden plans to install a soil vapor barrier under the building foundations. The distance between the Oak Grove buildings and the gas station was measured and was found to meet environmental requirements.


The Vacaville Unified School District determined that local schools will be able to accommodate Oak Grove residents based on historic and current student generation rates.