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Professor Carolina Reid Shares Findings from the Terner Center’s Latest Report, “Recession and Recovery”

October 22, 2020

Eden Housing
Eden Housing
Professor Carolina Reid Shares Findings from the Terner Center's Latest Report, "Recession and Recovery"

In this episode of the Affordable Housing Podcast, brought to you by Eden Housing, host Joanne Greene speaks to Carolina Reid, Assistant Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley, and Faculty Research Advisor at the Terner Center for Housing Innovation. Professor Reid shares findings from the Terner Center’s latest report, “Recession and Recovery: The Critical Role of Housing Assistance in Promoting Economic Security for Low-Income Households.”

The analysis is the first to track changes in the incomes of residents living in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit-funded properties over time using longitudinal data for residents living in Eden Housing properties between 2003 and 2019.

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