Greening The Affordable Housing Portfolio – Panel Discussion

June 24, 2011

Eden Housing
Eden Housing
Greening The Affordable Housing Portfolio - Panel Discussion

This month on the Affordable Housing Podcast, we present to you “Greening the Affordable Housing Portfolio: Upgrading Multi-Family Housing and Encouraging Tenant Involvement”. This engaging panel discussion was held on May 13, 2011 during the San Francisco Bay Area’s Affordable Housing Week, and was sponsored by Eden Housing, Enterprise Community Partners and in coordination with the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development and East Bay Housing Organizations. The event was hosted at Eden Housing’s Eden Issei Terrace in Hayward, California, in order to highlight the 27 year old property’s recent green and solar upgrades that have not only increased tenant comfort and reduced operations expenses, but will also help to sustain the property for the long term.
The Keynote address and panel moderation are provided by Ophelia Basgal, HUD Regional Director. Panelists included are Linda Mandolini, Executive Director of Eden Housing. Maryann Leshin, Director, Northern California Programs of Enterprise Community Partners, Inc., and Karen Kho, Senior Program Manager for StopWaste.Org.