Resident Services

Eden Housing Resident Services

Since 1995, Eden Housing has provided a wide range of supportive services and enrichment programs designed to meet the needs of our diverse resident population. Our individual-focused programs are offered at 100% of our managed properties, in response to the unique needs of each community. 

We create pathways out of poverty by promoting housing stability and programming that helps residents reach their goals on a path to personal and economic empowerment. Our services are custom-designed for youth to seniors, individuals and families, those with limited English language skills, and people with special needs.

We believe that housing is the foundation for life change. In addition to promoting housing stability, our programs include:

  • Education – after-school academic, enrichment and recreation programs in a structured learning environment focusing on youth ages 5 to 17. Family engagement is a critical component for the success of our youth.  As part of our Expanded Learning (after school) Programs, family members are offered support and training on how to become involved and advocate for their child’s educational development. Also support for adults in finding employment and building job skills to advance their careers.
  • Technology Access– technology learning opportunities and broadband access for residents of all ages.
  • Scholarship Program – financial assistance for higher education and vocational training.
  • Economic Empowerment – financial workshops, match savings programs, and individual financial coaching for adults.
  • Health and Wellness – healthcare access, mental health resources, exercise and nutrition classes, and other preventive programming to promote active aging and healthy lives.
  • Community Engagement – programs and events to encourage socialization and build community amongst residents. 

Service Coordination / Community Partners

Eden Housing on-site service coordinators meet privately with residents and their families to provide information and referral to a wide range of public and private agencies offering valuable resources including food assistance, health services, childcare, crisis management and other critical services to meet individual and family needs.  In addition, presentations, interactive activities, and workshops are provided by various agencies resulting in increased resident participation and positive group interactions.


eden housing does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, or any other arbitrary basis.