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Volunteers of the Month: VivAsia Fitness

December 1, 2020

VivAsia has been a great partner and supporter of Eden Housing residents since 2018. Trained fitness have provided culturally inspired fitness and wellness programs for our communities in the South and East Bay which is greatly missed.

With safety in mind, VivAsia has helped maintain community connection with neighbors and friends at our Josephine Lum Lodge location through their virtual Lotus classes.

Thank you VivAsia for your continued support and partnership with Eden Housing!

Virtual Lotus Class with Josephine Lum Lodge Residents

Why did you choose to volunteer/partner with Eden Housing?
Our mission at VivAsia is to provide fitness and wellness programs to underserved communities such as the senior population and at-risk youth. Partnering with Eden Housing has given us the opportunity to offer our programs to the many communities that we strive to serve.

What have you done as a volunteer/partner? Please describe your role and what you have worked on.
We have conducted Senior Functional Assessments (SFA) to the senior community at various Eden housing communities. The SFA measures the underlying physical parameters associated with functional ability and identifies whether an older adult may be at risk for loss of functional ability.

We also have taught weekly Lotus aerobic dance classes at Studio 819 and the Cambrian Center. More recently, we are teaching online to the senior residents at the Josephine Lum Lodge facility. The classes are 45 minutes in duration and consist of a warm-up, aerobic-endurance routines, cool-down, balance and stretch and meditation.

What have you learned through your volunteer/partner experience? Have there been any surprises?
Our volunteers have told us that they have learned and/or experienced the following:
-how important the relationship between the residents as well as between residents and Resident Service Coordinators is for participation.
-have been pleasantly surprised at the focus and determination of the participants to be ‘above average’ in the different individual assessments.
-enjoyed seeing how pleased they were when they did well.
-how helpful they were when they would help us translate instructions to the other residents.
-actions of the volunteers does impact the resident’s health and well-being

What do you like best about working with Eden Housing?
Our volunteers love the appreciation, effort, and gratitude that the residents express constantly to us during the sessions and assessments. It is very rewarding to know that we are helping them both physically and emotionally by taking care of themselves. Loved their spirit and competitiveness to do well amongst their peers.

Are there any tips that you would share for someone else who is considering volunteering?
We recommend that they prioritize and organize their personal time first, and then block a time slot to volunteer, giving 100% with their mind, soul, and open heart.
Give the residents goals to reach that help them stay strong and healthy.