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Volunteers of the Month: Lilian Mira

February 4, 2021

Lilian was a key volunteer for Eden Issei Terrace’s (EIT) Mercy Brown Bag grocery distribution program from the outset, since 2018. She used to drive her own car to help pick up grocery bags at the Hayward Senior Center and bring them back to EIT.

After the mobile pantry truck was established to come twice a month to the site, Lilian transitioned her volunteer time to “working the line” by packing bags for the Service Coordinators other sites, and helping EIT’s seniors to select produce, fill their bags, navigate the line with their carts, and sometimes handling the computer registration of each customer.

Since the pandemic, in recent months, Lilian began cooking hot meals at home and plating the food for pick up in the lobby. She didn’t advertise her services, she just started leaving the covered plates (always homemade food and freshly cooked) on the lobby table. Then Lilian would check back about three times to make sure no food was left too long. All the meals were always taken! Some of the residents probably don’t know who’s cooking/leaving the meals, who’s responsible for this very generous gesture. Lilian offers her meals almost everyday, and sometimes she offers breakfast and lunch! Each time she’s providing about 12-15 meals.

Lilian is such a support to her community and neighbors. For example, one resident to site staff that Lilian provided her three meals per day for several days while she was ill.  

Lilian is invaluable to the community and to the staff – she never hesitates to help and assist, and she does it all with a low profile. Her motivation is just to help make things better, simply that!