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Eden Housing Promotes Anna Gwyn Simpson to Vice President of Resident Services

October 1, 2020

September 30, 2020

Media contact: Matthew Indimine

HAYWARD – Eden Housing announces that Anna Gwyn Simpson has been promoted to Vice President of Resident Services.

Anna Gwyn joined Eden Housing in August of 2015 and has progressively assumed more responsibility ever since.  In her role, Anna Gwyn maintains a strong relationship between Resident Services and Property Operations. Eden Housing greatly values the two departments working collaboratively to best serve our residents.

“We need to approach our residents with compassion and empathy, while maintaining compliance, and abiding by the rules around rentals,” said Anna Gwyn Simpson. “At the same time, we remain focused on keeping people housed.”

In response to the growing demand to provide permanent supportive housing to formerly homeless populations, Eden Housing is meeting that challenge. According to Kasey Archey, Senior Vice President of Property Operations, “Anna Gwyn was instrumental in conducting a thorough analysis of best practices in Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH).  The data and analysis is influencing some of our strategic planning work related to PSH.”

In previous roles, Anna Gwyn worked in homeless services that utilize PSH models. She is excited and eager to continue this work in her expanded role.

Under Anna Gwyn’s leadership, Eden’s Resident Services department is currently working on piloting innovative program models to meet the needs and demands of our residents. Anna Gwyn says she is excited about the research that the Terner Center at the University of California, Berkeley has been doing. The Terner Center’s latest report sheds light on the great impact that living in subsidized housing has on low-income families’ economic mobility. “This research solidifies and quantifies our anecdotal evidence and experiences,” says Anna Gwyn Simpson.