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Eden Housing Awarded Program Project Grant from Community Foundation for San Benito County

June 22, 2023

Funding provides new wellness programs to promote healthy living for local residents

Hollister, California – June 22, 2023 – Eden Housing, a nonprofit dedicated to providing safe and affordable housing solutions, has been awarded a $5,400 grant to develop new healthy living programs. Funded by a program project grant from the Community Foundation for San Benito County, Eden, in partnership with the Central Coast YMCA of San Benito County, is now offering wellness programs to two of its affordable housing communities – Rancho Park and Rustic Gardens, both located in Hollister, California.

The grant is instrumental in advancing Eden Housing’s mission in San Benito County, helping foster community engagement and connection. With the support of the Community Foundation and the local YMCA, Eden is creating a safe and inclusive environment for residents to participate in fitness and wellness activities. The program has the potential to reduce health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension, and to enhance mental well-being within the community. The funds are being used to offer on-site, weekly adult and family classes such as Zumba, yoga, dance and strength training. Courses focus on weight management, self-defense and healthy eating, with at least one family health and safety event per year at each property.

“We believe that investing in family health and wellness is a crucial step in improving the quality of life for our families,” said Linda Mandolini, president and CEO of Eden Housing. “Through this grant and partnership, we are creating opportunities for our residents to gain knowledge, develop skills and support one another in their fitness goals. We are grateful to the Community Foundation for San Benito and the Central Coast YMCA of San Benito County for their support and partnership.”

Eden Housing’s health and wellness programs aim to address the financial, cultural and logistical barriers that prevent low-income residents from accessing wellness activities. By offering these classes and events at no cost and directly within the communities where residents live, Eden can help promote positive health behaviors and empowers individuals and families to prioritize their health and wellness.

Eden Housing has a strong track record of developing affordable housing communities throughout California and remains dedicated to supporting the holistic needs of its residents. This grant from the Community Foundation for San Benito County is contributing towards those efforts and will enable Eden Housing to positively impact the lives of many low-income families in San Benito County.


Eden Housing is a non-profit organization with 55 years of experience providing safe and affordable housing that helps families stay secure, allows communities to thrive, and solves many of the most pressing housing challenges facing California cities. Since its inception, the Bay Area-based organization has developed more than 10,000 affordable homes and is a leader in making its residential communities environmentally sustainable and efficient through integrating energy conservation. Eden is also known as a champion of housing policy advocacy at the local, state, and national level, supporting practices that both create and preserve affordable housing for diverse communities. Learn more at www.edenhousing.org.

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