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Celebrating Maintenance & Janitors

October 19, 2021

We showered the Eden Housing maintenance and janitorial staff earlier this month with gifts and awards. The celebration is an annual party that we held virtually for the second year. Maintenance techs and janitors can be found at every property throughout our portfolio. Their work ensures that Eden communities look as good on the first day of their fiftieth year as they do on their first day. Maintenance workers and janitors provide an essential function. They complete work orders with a smile, promote sustainability efforts and are the eyes on the ground during capital campaigns.

Of course, Eden Housing benefits from this division’s hard work, but so do residents when they know that their well-being and comfort are being looked after. There is also the bigger benefit of sustaining affordable housing for decades to come. When communities are well-taken care of, they can operate longer, allowing individuals and families to stay housed.

Each year there are awards given to the top performers in each category. This year’s winners included the following:

Janitor of the Year

Brenda Love, Victoria Green


Jose Padilla, Corona Ranch, Washington Creek

Maintenance of the year

Hank Dedrick, Eden Baywood

Roland Jones, Victoria Green

Rodrigo Resendiz, Stone Pine Meadow

Mark Kemp, Foss Creek

There were also an epic amount of raffle prizes and swag bags with gift cards that went to everyone on staff.