Vacaville Community Housing Partners with Eden Housing

City of Vacaville’s affordable housing nonprofit organization enters into transition agreement with one of California’s oldest nonprofit affordable housing organizations

VACAVILLE, CA – Vacaville Community Housing, the longtime nonprofit affordable housing developer and owner in the City of Vacaville and the largest landlord in the City of Vacaville, announced this week that they have partnered with Eden Housing, one of California’s oldest and most productive nonprofit affordable housing developers, owners, and managers.

The new partnership will see the transition of VCH’s affordable housing communities to Eden by the end of the year.

“Eden and Vacaville Community Housing share the important mission of providing lower-income Californians with an affordable place to call home,” said Linda Mandolini, Eden Housing’s President. “We are pleased to work with VCH and the City of Vacaville to ensure that the affordable communities remain affordable and that our shared values endure through the transition.”

VCH and Eden share values along with a similar history. VCH was formed in 1989 as a private nonprofit corporation dedicated to assisting the City of Vacaville in providing permanent affordable housing for lower-income Vacaville families and individuals. Eden Housing was formed in 1968, serving as the City of Hayward’s nonprofit development corporation and building affordable housing for lower-income Hayward families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities.

The transition of VCH’s affordable housing communities was initiated by the forward-thinking VCH Board of Directors who recognized that a new operational model and expertise would be needed to rehabilitate and preserve the affordable housing that VCH had successfully built and maintained in their nearly 30-year existence. Through a formal selection process, VCH selected Eden Housing and are turning to Eden to fulfill the preservation of VCH’s affordable housing communities and to seize upon the new opportunities that VCH has on their horizon.

“The affordable housing industry has changed significantly over the last 10 years or so, especially with the elimination of California redevelopment agencies, including the Vacaville Redevelopment Agency, VCH’s main partner for the last 25 plus years,” said Charlie Learned, the former City of Vacaville Redevelopment Director and current VCH Executive Director. “In working on strategic planning, it became clear that a sustainable future for our residents and properties required seeking partnership with a larger, more diversified group.

“We are very fortunate to enter into a partnership with Eden Housing. In addition to being one of the oldest nonprofit housing organizations in the Bay Area, Eden is one of the leading nonprofit housing organizations in California, if not the entire country. This is evidenced by its many awards, its excellent track record with the affordable housing lending and equity establishment, and its general reputation both here and nationally. The VCH Board and I gained even more respect for Linda Mandolini and the Eden staff as the process to seek a partner unfolded.” Mr. Learned added.

VCH has more than 400 affordable apartments in two Vacaville neighborhoods in their ownership portfolio and an additional nearly 400 apartments they own in partnerships with for-profit development companies. Through VCH’s efforts, the Trower and Acacia/Monte Vista neighborhoods in north Vacaville were revitalized and stabilized.

“In recent years, VCH has partnered with private sector companies, CFY of Sacramento and Community Development Partners of Newport Beach to create the first new affordable housing since 2008,” Mr. Learned explained. VCH acts as Managing General Partner of 175 new affordable units in the Callen Street area and the under-construction veteran’s housing project on Rocky Hill Road.

“Eden is fully committed to continue and enhance the important work done by VCH and the City of Vacaville since the late 80s and to become part of the community,” Mr. Learned added

“We are proud of Vacaville Community Housing’s contribution to our City,” said Vacaville Mayor Len Augustine. “We look forward to partnering with Eden Housing on providing affordable homes for our lower-income families and seniors to carry on VCH’s mission and vision top meet the vital need for affordable housing in Vacaville.”

Eden brings to the partnership nearly 50 years of affordable housing expertise including real estate development, asset management, property management, and resident services. They currently have more than 8,900 affordable rental apartments in their owned and managed portfolio that provide homes for more than 22,000 lower-income Californians across the state. Eden has a staff of more than 340 employees across their more than 135 affordable housing properties.

Eden also brings recent expertise in managing the transition of affordable housing portfolios from nonprofits like VCH. They have nearly completed the transition of 39 affordable housing properties from South County Housing in Santa Clara, San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties preserving more than 1,500 affordable rental apartment homes. In 2010, Eden transitioned eight properties from Citizens Housing, preserving nearly 800 affordable rental apartment homes across the state.

Eden intends to continue the good work in the greater Vacaville community including the partnership with the Vacaville Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club and participation in the Crime Free program.

“We firmly believe in being good neighbors in the communities who made room for our lower-income families and seniors,” said Ms. Mandolini. “This starts with great partnerships with other community-based organizations.”

Eden will work with VCH over the last half of this year to assess the affordable housing communities that will transition. Property management of the VCH communities will remain unchanged through the middle of next year as a stabilizing constant for the residents during the transition.




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