"Flipping the Switch" on New Solar System and Green Upgrades at Eden Issei Terrace in Hayward

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"Flipping the Switch" on New Solar Photovoltaic System and Green Upgrades in Hayward


Affordable community for low- income seniors in Hayward goes green!


Eden Housing 'flipped the switch' today on the new solar photovoltaic system and green upgrades at a 100-unit residence for low-income seniors living largely on social security.  Mayor Michael Sweeney, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development Regional Director Ophelia Basgal, the Eden Housing team, and the diverse, senior residents of Eden Issei Terrace joined together for the ceremony at the Hayward property with beautifully landscaped grounds and a koi pond for the residents' enjoyment.  The apartment community, constructed in 1984, has been in need of major renovations for some time.  But with a long list of capital needs, there are no programs available to fund the extensive rehab that is needed on the 27 year old building.  Eden took advantage of stimulus money and California solar rebates, using them for green and solar upgrades.  This is the first time that California solar rebates have been used for affordable housing. 


"Eden Housing is committed to creating healthy green communities through its development of affordable homes and provision of strong property management and social services for its residents.  Through the years, the City of Hayward and Eden Housing have partnered to create and acquire almost 1,400 affordable homes in 25 developments for seniors and low income residents in our community," said Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney.  "I am proud of the green and solar upgrades that have been completed at Eden Issei Terrace to make the property more sustainable for the long term."


Eden Housing has been able – through green and solar renovations at Eden Issei Terrace ‐‐ to reduce gas usage by 22%, electricity usage by 40%, and water usage by 21%. The property has realized initial cost savings of 38% for gas, 44% for electricity, and 20% for water. Sustainable upgrades to this beautiful senior community incorporate energy– and resource‐efficient features such as solar photovoltaic panels, hydronic heating systems, high efficiency water heaters, energy efficient lighting for the units and common areas, and formaldehyde‐free insulation. Water‐conserving features include dual flush toilets and low‐flow fixtures.


"It is not just the buildings that matter in Eden's efforts to conserve. It's how we live and work in them that can make a difference," said Linda Mandolini, Eden Housing's Executive Director.  "We've made resident education and engagement – how we are educating and engaging our resident communities to change their behavior and collaborate with us to reach our goals—a critical component of our overall approach."


On-site Property Management and Resident Services staff became certified in green building principles and practices.   Eden Issei Terrace instituted a resident training and education program focused on recycling that reduced garbage pick-ups from two times per week to one time per week, saving the property $500 per month.  The households at Eden Issei reap the benefits of our collective efforts. 


"I really appreciate the new heating system because it's water-saving - you don't have to draw so much water and wait long to get hot water.  So I'm using less water when I take a bath," said resident Viola Parms.  "It's really worthwhile, the new heating system, because it improves the use of water and keeps the temperature in my apartment stable."


"Eden Issei Terrace is proof that green buildings not only provide increasing comfort and well-being for residents, they preserve the environment and natural resources for future generations, and they can and do reduce maintenance requirements and utility bills," noted Eden's Mandolini.  "We are grateful for the critical investment in retrofitting from the Federal Government through grant funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; and from the State of California through its Public Utilities Commission with its innovative solar program for affordable housing.  These investments have meaningful, long-term impact on increasing tenant comfort, and reducing ongoing costs and usage of natural resources.



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Saturday, November 5, 2011
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

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