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We are so proud of the volunteers who choose to give their time to our affordable communities and residents. If you're interested in volunteering with Eden, please go to Volunteer with Eden Housing.

Below is Eden Housing's Volunteer of the Month

Name: Catherine Lee                     Property: Stoney Creek

Why did you chose to volunteer with Eden Housing? I found the Financial Coach volunteer opportunity from the VolunteerMatch website. It attracted my attention because it allows me to help the individual to set financial goals and coach him/her to improve their current financial situation. 

What have you done as a volunteer?  Please describe your role and what you have worked on. I started as a financial coach volunteer in June 2019. I started by building the relationship with my client who is a young woman with 1 child; she is very friendly and open with me. We talked about her life, her child and her work; we also talked about her goals and dream for the future. We’ve built a friendly relationship. I do not tell her what to do, instead, I encourage her to reach her future goals and dreams. We have been working on paying off her some of her debt and saving money monthly. 

What have you learned through your volunteer experience?  Have there been any surprises?  

Financial coaching helps the client develop healthy and lasting money habits. I’ve learned to:  

a. Empower my client to take responsibility for her decision.
b. Encourage her when they made good decision on saving money
c. Help analyze the situation and make some recommendations.
d. Help track their financial records and remind them if some area needs to attention.


What do you like best about volunteering with Eden Housing? 

Eden Housing staff are very nice and responsive. I’ve never had a problem reaching or getting in contact with Eden Housing staff. I consistently get volunteer peer support from other financial coaches who share their supportive information. I really enjoy volunteering with Eden Housing.

Are there any tips that you would share for someone else who is considering volunteering? 

Tips to share with other volunteers:

a. Be committed. As a Financial Coach volunteer, you need to commit to spend consistent time with your client. When you meet with the client, be on time, be supportive and build a good relationship.

b. Continue to provide knowledge and support the client, provide some financial information to them that is relevant and up to date, which means you need to continue to educate yourself through research, news, etc.

c. My goal is not to change a client’s surrounding environment, but to change personal habits by trying to help them build/improve good and healthy financial habits. 

Tell us something we may not know about you. Any interesting facts you’d like to share about your life? I have been a volunteer tax preparer for many years for low-income families and individuals. I have 2 daughters and a great husband. While I am not working and volunteering, I like go shopping, visit friends and travel. I like to be busy doing meaningful work. 

If you're interested in volunteering with Eden, please go to Volunteer with Eden Housing.

Past Volunteers of the Month:


Mark Grovhough- October 2019                      Zohra Urozgani - September 2019  

Eden Financial Savers                                             Owl's Landing, Livermore


Jonathan Carey - August 2019                                      Gayle Nygaard - July 2019

 Eden Financial Savers                                            Wexford Way, Dublin

Junghwa An - June 2019 Diane Feingersh - May 2019
Belle Terre, Lafayette Eden Issei Terrace, Hayward
Sana Ansari - April 2019 Stephanie Noel - March 2019
Owl's Landing, Livermore Vandenburgh Villa, Livermore
Leonardo Leal - February 2019 Susan Schroeder - January 2019
801 Alma, Palo Alto The Altenheim, Oakland
Michael Beamer - December 2018 Kim Doan-Lum - November 2018
West Rivertown, Antioch Wexford Way, Dublin
Saniya Shah - October 2018 Neha Kar - September 2018
Wicklow Square, Dublin Cambrian Center & Casa De Los Amigos, San Jose
Ankita Nayak - August 2018 Jeff Loehr - July 2018
Wexford Way, Dublin Monteverde, Orinda and Belle Terre, Lafayette
Alison Shirey - June 2018 Shante Garner - May 2018
Multiple Sites Chesley Mutual, Richmond
Kaavya Shanmugam - April 2018 Thomas Ho - March 2018
Carlow Court, Dublin Vandenburgh Villa, Livermore
Joanne Ikeda - February 2018 Juanita Miteff - January 2018
Eden Lodge, San Leandro Belle Terre, Lafayette
Alannah Bonalos- November 2017 Roy Lin - December 2017
Cranes Landing, Lodi Carlow Court, Dublin
Maggie Fukuda - October 2017 Jessica Cao - September 2017
Hayward Senior Apartments, Hayward Eden Palms, San Jose
Prakash Narasimhalu - August 2017 Josh Roth - July 2017
Financial Opportunity Corps Warner Creek, Novato, CA
Surendra Yadav - June 2017 Delleen LeVeau - May 2017
Financial Opportunity Corps Monteverde, Orinda, CA

Nelson Palacios - April 2017 Laura Mercy - March 2017
Tennyson Gardens, Hayward, CA Tennyson Gardens, Hayward, CA
Marcia Leitner - February 2017 Monique Chancellor - January 2017
The Altenheim, Oakland, CA Ashland Village, San Leandro, CA
Anshuman Chakravorty - December 2016 Jean McGranahan - November 2016
Eden Lodge, San Leandro, CA Monteverde Senior Apartments, Orinda, CA


For more information on how to become a volunteer or to attend a volunteer orientation, please email or call 510.697.3561

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Jonathan Carey - August 2019                                      Gayle Nygaard - July 2019

 Eden Financial Savers                                            Wexford Way, Dublin



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