Moving the Needle on Academic Achievement

Monika, a 10 year-old living at Ashland Village runs to Eden Housing's Expanded Learning Program (ELP) lead by Miss Khaliah and gives her a giant hug. Monika lives at Ashland Village with her family, an affordable housing community in San Leandro. She and other children at Eden properties benefit from robust resident services programming. While low-income children have historically under-performed academically when compared with middle and high-income children, programs like Eden's ELP work to level the playing field.
In the United States, 82 percent of students eligible for free or reduced lunches cannot read with proficiency. [2] This is largely due to the lack of academic support at home. Even when low-income parents do everything they can for their children, limited resources create a huge disadvantage for students. For example, low-income students are less likely to be read to by parents or coached in learning skills. [1] Eden Housing recognizes this and has implemented the after-school ELP to disrupt this cycle.
"How is everyone doing today?" asks Miss Khaliah to her pint-sized students. Without missing a beat, Monika responds first, "great, Miss Khaliah, I got my first 100 this year! And I finished all of my homework!" Knowing that Monika is referring to her recent reading comprehension test, Miss Khaliah gives her a high-five and expresses immense pride. While the students work to complete their homework, Miss Khaliah sets up a laptop for Monika to begin enrichment learning activities through the Lexia Learning platform. Lexia employs a personalized learning model, which allows students to develop critical reading and language skills at their own pace. With the support and guidance of Miss Khaliah, Monika powers through exercises before Recess begins.
While the students let out some of their energy, Miss Khaliah sets up for the students to put the final touches on pumpkin and spider decorations that they've been working on for an upcoming Halloween Party. Onc​​e back in the community room, Monika glues together the final leg on her spider and gleefully shares her costume plans with Miss Khaliah. As for everyone else, they will have to wait until Halloween to see her costume unveiled. 
Focusing on reading comprehension, Eden's ELP programs saw 20 percent of youth move from below grade level reading material into at or above grade level reading material during the past academic year. Monika is included in that statistic.
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