A Flower that Bloomed

By Andrea Del Rosario, Resident Services Coordinator

The greatest aspect of my job as a Resident Services Coordinator is the opportunity to serve our low-income populations. Someone once asked me, “How do you measure your success?” It was a big question to ponder because I had never really thought about it before. So, I asked myself this question, and I realized that if I can help or change the life of just one person, then I am successful.

A parent of one of my youth participants in the “Raising a Reader” program stopped by my office in mid-July to share that I’ve made such a difference in her daughter’s life. She told me that I’ve built a strong relationship with her daughter through the literacy program and the community events at Glen Berry. She stated that her daughter has more confidence in her reading skills; her self-esteem has significantly increased; she is no longer shy; and she is more socially active with her peers. I was so moved to hear about my youth resident’s progress in her academic and personal life. When I first met her at Glen Berry, I can recall a timid and shy little girl who lacked the confidence she needed to showcase her big fun-loving personality. After serving her in my programs for two years now, it’s such a privilege and a blessing to witness her growth – a flower that bloomed.​


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