Eden's Scholarship, Making Dreams Come True

Eden Housing’s annual Howard T Collins Scholarship program is in its 27th year.  Since the program’s inception in 1993, Eden Housing has awarded nearly 500 scholarships totaling more than $650,000 to many deserving residents. The scholarship program was created to honor Howard T. Collins (left), a former, dedicated member of the Eden Housing Board of Directors who believed in education and opportunity for all.

Eden’s Scholarships assist residents ages 17+ as they pursue an education at Universities such as University of California at Los Angeles, San Diego, Davis, and Riverside;  California State Universities East Bay, Fullerton, Northridge and Monterey Bay; San Jose, Sonoma, and San Francisco State Universities, as well as many local community colleges.

Caritina, a 2018 recipient, shared how having an affordable home laid the groundwork for pursuing her professional dreams. "It is a great privilege to have an apartment that is in great condition and makes us feel comfortable, safe, and at peace. It allows me to make my dream a reality to be a life coach and an example for my family and children. It motivates me to contribute to my community and to society as a whole."

Anna, a resident at The Altenheim, an Eden Housing property for older adults, proves that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.  After experiencing health issues back in 2011, she is coming back strong and continuing her education in Construction Management. "Eden Housing has given me the chance to heal and envision a bright and productive future for myself once again," she shared.

In her recent blog, Linda Mandolini, Eden’s President, highlighted her concerns regarding the recent national scandal involving wealthy parents paying exorbitant sums to get their kids into college. When one considers the struggles that Eden’s residents encounter every day and the effort and hard work they put into moving up the academic ladder, this is both maddening and very sad.

In Linda’s word, “we need to invest in the ladder that helps these kids climb to heights that are still out of reach for too many. We need to invest in more affordable homes, better schools, and more access to resources that can help families and students in need.  We need to start now and we need to start somewhere.” Read more here.

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eden housing does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, or any other arbitrary basis.