Creating Community Between Eden Properties

40 senior residents from Carlow Court and Wicklow Square attended the Healthy Living Festival at the Oakland Zoo this winter. The festival is an upbeat event that includes free entry into the zoo, information and resource booths, giveaways and a healthy lunch for seniors in Alameda County. 
Bringing together residents from different properties was a tremendous success. New friendships were formed, and everyone went home with smiles on their faces and ecstatic reviews of how much they enjoyed the opportunity to see the animals and meet one another. 
One resident from Carlow opened up about how the day made a difference for her. She explained that the trip to the zoo was the first time she left her home in over a month. After experiencing the loss of a loved one, she found it hard to leave her home or socialize with others. On the bus ride to the zoo, she met a resident from Wicklow Square, and the ladies quickly became friends. They enjoyed spending the day at the zoo together, and even exchanged phone numbers. They now enjoy meeting up with each other regularly at the senior center for coffee.
The outing served as a reminder on the importance of community support and companionship. 

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