Caltrain says YES to Affordable Housing

Earlier this month, Caltrain adopted an affordable housing policy, which stipulates that if anyone builds housing on their land, 30% of that housing must be affordable. Caltrain officials acknowledged that while it may be more profitable to sell land to office or hotel developers, the need for housing, and affordable housing, surpasses any profit. This is a huge win for affordable housing!

(Photo by Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Eden staff were instrumental in this effort. Communications staff participated in planning meetings with Housing Leadership Council (HLC) of San Mateo County, and Development staff provided input and recommendations to incorporate into the proposed policy- including minimum height (4 stories) and density (50 units/acre) requirements.

Alongside HLC of San Mateo County, and supporters from Greenbelt Alliance, Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto, Friends of Caltrain, Peninsula for Everyone, and the Golden Gate Regional Center, Eden staff turned out in support of this important policy. As a collective coalition, we were able to demonstrate the tremendous support for affordable housing.

View a clip from the meeting here!​


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