Act Now! 13 Housing Bills, 13 of October Deadline

Dear Friends of Eden,

The Legislature wrapped up their business for the year in the early morning hours on Saturday, and there are now more than a dozen Eden-supported affordable housing bills on Governor Newsom’s desk! 

The governor has until October 13 to sign legislation, and Eden hopes he’ll support all of these much-needed bills—which will increase funding for affordable housing, accelerate local permitting for new affordable developments, offer new density “bonuses” to 100% affordable projects, and expand the inventory of surplus public land available for affordable development. 

Please help California’s low-income families by sending a message of support to Governor Newsom. 


I urge the governor to sign this year's package of affordable housing legislation. With millions of Californians desperate for more affordable housing, these critical bills will increase funding for affordable development, accelerate local permitting for new affordable projects, allow denser affordable development near transit, and open more surplus public land to affordable housing. 

Affordable housing is the foundation of a successful life: It allows families to care for each other, find jobs and go to work, and to live with dignity. I believe this year's legislation will make important progress toward expanding access to affordable housing for the low-income Californians who need it most. I urge you to sign this critical legislation. 


Thank you for being a housing advocate.


Daniela Ogden
Vice President of Communications, Advocacy and Fund Development

2019 Legislation Supported by Eden

New funding

AB 1487 (Chiu) – Authorizes the placement of a regional Bay Area affordable housing funding measure on the 2020 ballot
SB 5 (Beall, McGuire, Portantino) – Creates a $2 billion pool of statewide funding for affordable housing

Accelerating local approvals, increasing affordable production

AB 68 (Ting)/SB 13 (Wieckowski) – Streamlines local approvals for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
AB 1483 (Grayson) – Requires local governments to make public local fees imposed on housing
AB 1486 (Ting)/SB 6 (Beall) – Increases the inventory of surplus public land available for affordable housing
AB 1743 (Bloom) – Exempts affordable housing developments from some local fees
AB 1763 (Chiu) – Allows 100% affordable projects to include 80% more units than allowed under current zoning, with greater density bonuses for developments near transit
SB 330 (Skinner) – Accelerates local permitting processes and prohibits local governments from downzoning or imposing moratoria on housing development

Renter protections

AB 1482 (Chiu, Bloom, Bonta, Grayson, Wicks) – Protects renters across the state with new limits on rent increases and evictions

Senior housing

AB 1128 (Petrie-Norris) – Streamlines licensing for the state’s successful Program for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE)
SB 611 (Caballero) – Establishes a state Master Plan on Aging Task Force to recommend ways to improve affordable housing options for aging Californians

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